Re-imagining Civil Society Engagement: in search of social innovation
lecture delivered at the London School of Economics, as part of the Global Welfare Futures seminar series organized by Department of Social Policy, November 23

Heading for Collision? Economic and Social Europe in Search of Reconciliation
lecture delivered at European Trade Unions Institute, Brussels, 26 October

From Bad to Good Pupil? Italy’s Journey (and Voice) through the Eurocrisis
Public Lecture delivered at Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne, May 24

Heading for Collision? Economic and Social Europe in Search of Reconciliation
keynote speech delivered in occasion of the Stein Rokkan Lecture, ECPR  – Pisa, April 26

The political production of organized (transnational) solidarity in the European Union
speech delivered in occasion of the Transnational Solidarity: Setting the Boundaries, Center for Transnational Legal Studies, London, April 1

Social policy modernization:  what role for the EU?
speech delivered in occasion of the ImPRovE Final Conference, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, February 5


Comment on «Justice in the EU» by Dr Floris De Witte
speech delivered in occasion of the CEILA / CLSGC Book Forum: ‘Justice in the EU’, Queen Mary Law School, London, December 10

The Contentious Politics of Hospitality. Intra-Eu mobility and social rights
speech delivered in occasion of the Conference “Community of Debt? The Transnationalisation of Debt and Solidarity in Europe” European University Institute, Florence, November 19 2015

Winding, but passable? The road towards a European Social Europe
speech delivered in occasion of the Cambridge-Leuven Euroforum, Conference Social Policy and the EU: Ways Forward, Cambridge University, September 24

Crisi economica e trappole politiche nella UE
speech delibvered in occasion of the 2015 SISP conference, University of Cosenza, Cosenza, September 10

Some remarks on the Greek Crisis and the future of the EU
speech delivered in occasion of the 22nd Conference of Europeanists, Paris, July 8

Un welfare così è ancora welfare?
speech delivered at the Seminar Capire la Crisi. Le conseguenze, Luiss University, Rome, June 18

Cercasi welfare. Fra vecchi e nuovi diritti
speech delivered in occasion of the 2015 Festival dell’Economia, Trento, May 30

La disoccupazione giovanile: Italia e Germania a confronto
speech delivered at the Round Table on Youth Guarantee, Milan University, Milan, May 7

A Community of Good Neighbours: What Normative Bases?
speech delivered in occasion of the Workshop on Federalism, Leuven, February 21

Economic Integration and Solidarity after the Euro Crisis: Re-aligning Facts, Principles and Politics
keynote speech delivered in occasion of the Access Europe Annual Lecture, Amsterdam University, Amsterdam, January 29


Solidarity in Europe After the Crisis
guest lecture delivered at the Center for European Union Research (CEUR), Budapest, November 11

The EU2020 anti-poverty strategy and its target:Some facts and puzzles
speech delivered at the conference The Europe 2020 poverty target: lessons learned and the way forward, organized by the European Commission, Brussels, October 9

Reconciling Economic and Social Europe: Values, Ideas and Politics
keynote speech delivered at the 2014 Annual ESPAnet Conference – Beyond the Crisis in Europe. New opportunities for reconciling sustainability, equality and economic robustness, October 4-6

Evidence-Based Research for Policy Making
speech delivered in occasion of the Conference on Social Policy Innovation, organized by the European Commission, Brussels, May 19-20


Free Movement and the Nation-Based Welfare State: Trends and Challenges
keynote speech presented at the Danish Parliament (Folketing) joint meeting of the chairs of the EU affairs Committee of national parliament, October 21

From Welfare Models to Social Investment Models? Trends and Challenges
speech delivered at the Conference on “Ireland in Europe after 40 years”, UCD Garret Fitzgerald Spring School, Dublin, 8-9 February 2012,

Restructuring Services: Competition, Coordination and Social Justice
keynote lecture delivered at the 100th Anniversary Colloquium, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, 17 December


Welfare State Transformations: From Anti-welfare Neoliberalism to Liberal Neo-welfarism?
Special Seminar Series, Oxford Institute of Social Policy (OISP), Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, 16 May

The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on European Welfare States
lecture delivered at the Center for European Studies, Study Group on the Future of the EU, Harvard University, 21 March

Reconciling Economic and Social Europe: Which Reform Strategy? A Public Lecture and Discussion
co-organised by the Jean Monnet Chair in European and Transnational Governance, University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Wiardi Beckman Stiftung (WBS), Amsterdam, 15 February


The EU and Social Inequalities
keynote lecture at the 20th Anniversary Conference of the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR), University College, Dublin, 11 December


Les nouvelles frontières du social
lecture delivered at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Paris, on the occasion of the French translation of the PI’s book The Boundaries of Welfare, 30 March


National Welfare States and European Integration: In Search of a ‘Virtuous Nesting’
annual lecture of the Journal of Common Market Studies, delivered at the “Fourth Pan-European Conference on EU Politics”, Riga, 26 September


Pension Reforms in Southern Europe
lecture delivered at the British Academy, London, 15 June